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Event Highlights

BAKUL: Everyday Baskets From Sabah
7 January - 23 February 2023

An exhibition about everyday baskets from Sabah based on the book by Jennifer P. Linggi  A Kampung Legacy: A Journal of North Borneo's Traditional Baskets and her collection of baskets and sketches.

Curators:: Ling Hao and Tey Khang Siang


BAKUL exhibition poster
​Buka Buku 
December 10, 2021- January 21, 2022

A collaboration with Open Books International (Mary Husted and Maggie James), Buka Buku is the Malaysian leg of a travelling exhibition originating from Wales, UK, and moving to different countries including US, Canada, India, China and Australia.. With works by 70 + artists which are re-interpretations of the Chinese folding book., Buka Buku features new works by Malaysian artists - Lim Eu Jin, Ang Xia Yi, Pangrok Sulap and Shaman Tearoom in collaboration with UK artists Maggie James, Sue Williams, Valerie Coffin Price and Chris Bird-Jones.


Buka Buku exhibition
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