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The Mirror (2021)

Past Events

The Godown was invited to participate in Ten-A-City, a series of videos led by Impact Dance, in collaboration with TP Bennett, for the London Festival of Architecture 2021

Representing Kuala Lumpur, The Godown is 1 of 10 cities to create videos in response to this year’s theme for LFA, ‘care’. Each city showcased artists’ talents and architecture, while taking into consideration challenges young people face in accessing community spaces to congregate.

“What Does Care And Architecture Mean To You And How Does It Apply In Your Local Context?”


The act of care is a universal virtue. Yet, most places in the city, public or private, require a lot of carefulness from us while accessing, using and experiencing them.


Too pristine to be touched and dirtied; Too formal to misbehave in; Too esteemed and proud to see different use; Too artificial to accommodate our natural selves; Too many dos and don’ts to be observed; Too carefully, we need to live.


What if we design architecture and the city that gives even more space to the people? Space for the body; Space for the spirit; Space to be explored; Space for some carelessness. Perhaps, paradoxically, the greatest care for the people is to let them be carefree.

The Mirror


The film presents a series of close-ups. Independently, they examine the liminal relationships between the body, architecture and nature, through tactile experiences in The Godown's space. Weaved as a whole, the scenes express the rekindling of their relationships. The film begins with anxiety, takes off in a leap of faith, makes discovery and sense, gains intimacy, and ultimately gives birth to a self-reflection. It all happens in a quick instant like a thought that flickers past the mind. Easily unnoticed, yet brings forth significant transformation – a transition from feeling careful to carefree. The symbolism and rhythm of the film occurs through the juxtaposition of disparate visuals, spaces and ambient sounds. All designed to coincide with the unfolding storyline, of which become the elements of representation and experimentation.

Written & Directed by Aiwei Foo
Photography directed by Aiwei Foo & Kent Lee
Produced by Khang Siang Tey, Aiwei Foo & Kent Lee
Sound Design by Kent Lee
Supported by The Godown KL, with thanks to TP Bennett and Impact Dance UK


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