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Everyday Baskets from Sabah (2023)

An exhibition about everyday baskets from Sabah held at The Godown Arts Centre running from the 7 January to 23 February 2023. 

Exhibition Director: Ling Hao and Tey Khang Siang

Baskets on exhibit, sketches and research by Jennifer P Linggi


Tadang, Buan, Barabat, Raga, Likahan, Buyuung, Kanayang, Sulupi, Kapa.... In speaking of the baskets, innumerable terms are coined. The list is as long as the variety of baskets that there are. Apparently they don’t have a direct meaning. Perhaps it is like the way names are attached to pets. An endearing of relationships. Uttering them extends them further into our worlds.


A series of talks about the "Orang Asal" way of life, their culture and worldview by those who work closely with the communities

 - Dr Colin Nicholas, COAC

 - Reita Rahim, Gerai OA

 - Dee May Tan, Plates magazine

 - Wendi Sia, Gerimis

 - Jesse Joy, Bundusan Books

 - Syuhada Sapno, Rimba Ilmu

 - Dr Welyne Jehom, University Malaya


A series of workshops

 - rattan weaving of "chenos" bracelet by Temiar brothers, Roslan and Mac Panis from Gua Musang Kelantan

 - Nipah weaving of Mah Meri "songho" headgear by Puan Maznah Unyan and Tijah Tegap from Kg Sg Bumbun, Pulau Carey

 - Linocut art printing by Rico Leong from Sabah


Two performances by Sabahan dance collective, Tuai Collective around the theme of crop harvest and the different elements around it

 - Ascend by Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

 - TUAI by the Tuai Collective


Tamu or East Malaysian style open air market with stalls selling local produce and food and drinks was held in collaboration with Pasar Borneo to complete the BAKUL experience for visitors.

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