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1 and 2 February 2020

11:00am - 10:00pm

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Past Events

The Godown and DAScendant Art and Entertainment are proud to present Temasya Taming Sari.


This event will feature Neeta, Wani Kayrie, Haniesoraya, Monoloque, Salammusik, Zaqbuyo, Hanim and Fiera Rosli performing both days of the event itself together with a few other cultural performances such as Tarian, Inang, zapin, silat, kuda kepang, Barongan and Joget. Temasya Taming Sari is an event that consist of three main programmes such as arts exhibition by art director Namazie, head curator by Dearnessy, mini theatre by Ameerin Haqem and fashion show by Amelia Shafinaz that focuses on spreading awareness of being proud of your own culture since DAScendent emphasises on re-educating the public about the roots and origin of our traditions. Other than that, there will also be vendors selling accessories and food.

Those who intend on coming to the event will be charged with entrance fees. Tickets range from RM50 to RM300, and is available to purchase from the official website, For ticket enquires and further information, guests may visit or reach us through the official social media @dascendent on Instagram.

Temasya Taming Sari, a curated Creative Cultural platform that aims to inspire the nation about the roots of our origin. The event is the first chapter of an endless journey to create awareness of the significance on how our culture is interlaced with the growth of modernization. Malaysians are the living proof that carries the embodiment of history through representation from various mediums. Our theme encircling tradition is to impact the society on the benefits and advantages we have as a colourful cultural nation proudly and have it embedded in our daily lives.

”As a malay born from a family rich in traditions, my culture is seen fading and underestimated which is why this event is to raise awareness as to it being my responsibility as well. Culture in a nutshell is beautiful in its own way despite the differences so it’s our job to erase stigmas and stereotype of superiority between races and culture. If isn’t us preserving our culture, then who will? Aligning with the vision of Malaysian Tourism 2020, this is no better time to do this.”


(Said Ameerin Haqeem)

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