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Christmas Bazaar & Exhibition

15 Dec 2019 (1 - 5pm)


Special Expressions Visual Art Exhibition

16 - 19 Dec 2019 (11am - 5pm)



21 & 22 Dec 2019 (9 - 6pm) 


Past Events

The Godown and WE And I Art are proud to present WE&I ARTFEST 2019, to bring people together whilst promoting goodwill and the spirit of sharing during this festive season. The celebrations begin on Sunday, 15th December, with a creative bazaar, exhibition and activities until 22nd December 2019.


The WE&I ARTFEST 2019 is an annual event which started in 2018 by paernts and members of Persons' with Disabilities (PWD) artists and community. It is their continuous aim to bridge the gap within this community, which include various disabilities as well as create awareness to the public through various media starting with the arts.

In conjunction with the month of The International Day of Persons with Disabilities (PWD), the ARTFEST will showcase an art exhibition, a creative marketplace, various performances, talks and discussions, art workshops, a fashion show and also a film screening. The film screenings are courtesy of the Mental Health Film Festival organised by Teeb TV.

This is also to heed the call towards achieving The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN in Reducing Inequality (10) and creating Sustainable Cities & Communities (11) where the pledge is to leave no one behind.

Among some of the groups that are involved in the ARTFEST are the WE&I ART, OKU Sentral, co-founded by Ras Adiba Radzi, Malaysian Rare Disorders Society (MRDS) and Persatuan Pemulihan Orang Cacat (PPOC).

As WE&I ARTFEST 2019 unfolds throughout The Godown KL, visitors will be able to enjoy and participate in activities such as Rentak drum circle, soap-making by Balance Tree and a massage therapy workshop by Jari Mas.


On 15 December 2019, "Special Expressions III" will launch, the third tieration of a visual arts exhibition that has been at the core of each WE&I ARTFEST. Amongst the special artists who will be featured in this year's Special Expressions exhibition are:

Amir Hamzah Fadhil Hassan Ismail Yassin, MRDS

Haziq Izmi, WE&I Art

Izzati Shahrin, WE&I Art

K Aveena Devi, MRDS

Maria Soo, WE&I Art

Nur Athirah Ruzli (Athirah Adila), MRDS

Nur Nabihah (Iha), MRDS

Nurulakhmal Ab Rahman

(A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these artists' artworks in "Special Expressions III" will be donated to Malaysian Council for Rehabitation also known as MCR (Majlis Pemulihan Malaysia).

The ARTFEST will also host a charity fashion show titled "Mind The Gap: Radical Beauty", an extension of the successful photography exhibition by The Good Shop and fashion photographer Alia Soraya Feizal, to spark the discussion of the concept of beauty and equality.

The Art of...Panels and Workshops by MRDS

WE need to talk.

There will be 3 panel discussions and 2 workshops hosted by Malaysian Rare Disorders Society (MRDS) throughout the two days of WE&I ARTFEST 2019:

The Art of Life Balancing: Reality vs. Dream

The Art of Positivity: Stigmatisation & Bully

The Art of Positive Parenting: Dare to be Rare

Channeling and Expressing Through Creative Writing by Wani Ardy

Theatrical Elements in Expressing & Boosting Up Condfidence by Muha Aziz


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